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Welcome to Mòdú, a one-of-a-kind hair salon located right in the heart of Vancouver at 626 Abbott Street.

“MODU” (모두) is a word in Korean that can signify all of the above. We chose this name because it evokes the kind of feeling and atmosphere we envision for our salon.


We want Mòdú to be everyone’s space. A place where everyone feels welcome to share their ideas, their passion, their energy and their creative drive. What makes this salon special is the unique bond we share and the contagious love we all have for hairstyling. 


Hiro, the founder of Mòdú, has nearly 25 years of experience as a hairstylist in Korea, Japan and Vancouver. This has allowed him to perfect his skill set and taught him to cherish his clients and the lasting bonds he builds with them. Years of hard work have also made him realize the true importance of forging deep interpersonal relationships based on mutual respect and trust with his coworkers, as well as the value of maintaining a happy and stimulating work environment. 


Hiro will provide you with a very personalized and unique experience thanks to his vast skill repertoire and expertise. 

“Everyday I am constantly reminded that it is only with one's heart that one can see clearly. I believe that what is most important to us is invisible to our naked eyes. This is why I wanted my own hair salon so I could create a special space where there is much more than meets the eye. I welcome you to Mòdú!”


Ryo is the co-owner of Mòdú Hair Salon, as well as being one of the most established hairstylists in all Vancouver. He has made this city his home since 2008, after 6 years of experience in Japan. He believes that a lot goes into creating the perfect hairstyle -- from taking into consideration a client’s head shape, facial features and kind of hair type, to carefully listening and understanding their individual wants and needs. 

Ryo has the skillset to create the hairstyle you always dreamed of, and ensure that it is easy for you to maintain and long-lasting. Trust him with your hair and you will soon understand why he is a master of his craft.


In 2015, Austin chose to nurture her passion for hair and beauty by enrolling in the John Casablancas Institute in Vancouver, where she dedicated herself to the study of hair art design. Her commitment to exceptional customer service is unrivaled as she goes the extra mile to ensure those in her care feel at ease, relaxed, and confident in her capable hands.


Austin has a knack for tuning in to a client's wants and needs. She excels at creating hairstyles that are low-maintenance and easy to take care of at home. She is also skilled at communicating and offering advice to make sure the hairstyle matches the customer's overall vibe. If you have any questions about hair or simply want to have a chat, be sure to look for her at Modu Salon!


While growing up, Mia had always looked up to her mother who worked as a beautician. Her mother was the one who ultimately inspired Mia to pursue a career in the hairdressing industry. Mia worked as a hairstylist in Korea for six years after graduating from cosmetology school, and decided to resettle in Vancouver at the prospect of new opportunities and challenges.

Going forward, Mia’s goal is to prioritize the relationships she develops with her clients and connect with them on a deeper level. Mia wishes to share all the knowledge she has accumulated over the years and focus on building long-lasting bonds with her clients and coworkers alike that will outlive her time spent at the salon. Mia will continue to contribute to creating a fun and positive atmosphere at Mòdú so that every client can feel right at home and leave with a big smile.

Mia promises to always give her best and stay true to her aspirations. She is looking forward to seeing you at Mòdú!


Adah began working as an assistant in 2010 at JUNO Hair in Korea, eventually climbing the ranks to become a senior hairstylist. Influenced by her mother who was a hairstylist herself, Adah earned a degree from a beauty college in Korea and came to settle down in Vancouver after having refined her skillset as a hairstylist. 

Communicating with her clients is what Adah values most in her work. She believes that good communication is the key to making her clients happy, and in turn allow herself constant room to grow and get better. She constantly tries to outdo herself and take every measure in her power to exceed the needs and expectations of her clients.


Reina has been a hairstylist for 15 years and has honed her skills in both Japan and Malaysia before making her way to Canada. She specializes in creating an effortlessly natural style. Reina excels in creating a hairstyle that not only helps align with each client's lifestyle and fashion preferences, but also accentuates their own facial features. 


With an intuitive understanding, she is able to skillfully guide clients toward fresh and exciting hairstyle options. Reina aims to build meaningful connections and nurture relationships with her valued clientele.



  • Prices (including haircuts) are determined by each stylist's level of experience.

  • Please note that prices are subject to change as the numbers shown below are used as a base reference. Prices will be different depending on the integrity, length, and thickness of one's own hair.

  • Modu Hair Salon requires a credit card on file for ALL services. If a reservation is cancelled within 48 hours of said appointment, your card will be charged $100 for any chemical services and/or $50 for any haircut services.

Wash and Style 

 +mini Treatment (Hair / Scalp) 

 45 + 

    45 + 


 - Barber cut

 - Haircut

 - complimentary wash and style included 


 50 ~ 70 

   65 ~ 90 

Color *

 - ReTouch                     

 - All-over Color            

 - Highlight (partial)      

 - Full-head Highlight   

 - Bleach                        

 - Toner                          

   95 + 

   120 + 

   150 + 

 190 + 

 150 + 

   70 + 

Perm *

 - Perm 

 - Down perm

 - Straightening

 - Digital perm  

 - Magic Setting perm

 130 + 

 50 + 

 270 + 

 270 + 

320 + 

Treatment *

 - Scalp Treatment

 - Botanical Repair Treatment  

 - Japanese Premium Treatment  

 - Intensive Restructuring Treatment 

   70 +

   90 +

90 +

 250 +

* All technical services do not include wash & style. Additional charges apply.

* All chemical services require a complimentary consultation with the stylist of your choosing. This must be done prior to the actual chemical appointment in order to have clear communication between client and stylist.




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Phone: (604)-428-7601



626 Abbott St. Vancouver,

BC. V6B 0E1

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